Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Fudge

The Craft Bazzar was last night. Had a lot of fun "showing off" my card display & projects. I'd say the biggest "hit" of the evening was my Christmas Fudge!!! Here are a couple of pictures of the project. You never know what people will enjoy, although in my own "quirky way" I thought these were a lot of fun. People also enjoyed the Altered Clip Boards and playing with the Three For You Punch Box.

Here is the poem for the Christmas Fudge (I got this from to SCS is on my blog)
Also, gals, I know you have been peaking at my blog!!! I would love your comments, input, and requests! Have a Great Day!

A day or 2 ago,

I thought I'd make a treat,

For all my friends & relatives,

A tasty gift to eat!

My intentions were top notch

But my schedule would not budge.

hence here's this year's version of...

Homemade Christmas fudge!

1 comment:

Happiecat said...

I love the Christmas Fudge Idea and think that will be a great idea for what I need!!
Thanks for the great ideas. Keep up the great job you we, we love it!!

Your loving sister